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Best Matching Swimsuits for Couples

  The only thing more IG worthy than a cute swimsuit, are matching couples swimsuits. That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the 3 hottest beach and pool outfits for couples this year. Enjoy! Best Couple Swimwear #1: Penguin Swim Trunks Penguins like it cold, but you’re gonna be looking HOT in these matching penguin swim trunks. Nothing says summertime style like a pair of trunks showcasing a cartoon penguin getting some massive air off a ski jump. What’s even better? Your boo’s gonna be look tight AF too. Pick up a pair today, your IG will thank me later. Best Couple Swimwear #2: Tankini Style So you don’t like penguins?? You monster. Don’t fret, there’s patterned couple swimsuits that...

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How We Select Our Featured Trunks

At Island Trunks, we're serious about two things: Creating a company that protects our oceans. Featuring trunks that WE think look good, last long, and feel great! We are always on the lookout out for new styles, comfortable fabrics, classic looks and trunks that we simply love and feel confident supporting. This isn't an industry review, or a market report... this is straight up our opinion! What qualifications do we have? - None Do we have a good sense of style? - Probably not Are we fiber scientists looking for a breakthrough in apparel technology? - ummmm sure... Do we love good trunks and are committed to making them easy for you to access? - YES Checkout our Trunks and...

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Trunks Of The Week - Rip Curl All Time Boardshorts

We've always been huge Rip Curl fans but this one of our favorite classics to start off 2017! This is the Rip Curl All Time Boardshort. There is nothing fancy about these trunks... they are clean, simple, and to the point. The All Time Boardshort has Buttersuede fabric making it comfortable and fast drying. The shorts are our favorite length with a 20 inch outseam, and is a piece to the surf craft heritage. Thank you Rip Curl for making yet another classic! Click here to learn more and get yourself a pair! See more of our featured favorites here!

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