3 Best Swim Trunks for 2018

best swimwear 2018

Looking for a new pair of swim trunks for 2018?

There’s a ton of options online and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Well Island Trunks has you covered. We’ve scoured the web and in this article, we’ll break down 3 best new styles that you’ll want to snag for your next trip to the beach.

Let’s get into it!

#1 Best Swim Trunks for 2018: Predator Trunks

shark swim trunks

Roll up in style this season with these new shark patterned boardshorts. Featuring patterned blue sharks across the trunks, these boardshorts are sure to turn heads.

Oh ya, and did we mention they come in red?

#2 Best Swim Trunks for 2018: Space Kitty Puuuufect Trunks

Cat swim trunks

Take a break from watching cats on Youtube and take your cat fetish to the beach with these new space cat swim trunks.

After all, space + funny cats, what else could you want in a new pair of trunks?

#3 Best Swim Trunks for 2018: Free Refills Couples Trunks

matching swimsuits

Who doesn’t love a cold slurpee on a hot day?

Well, why not share that passion with your significant in a new pair of Free Refills couples trunks.

couples matching swimwear

Featuring matching men and women's trunks, these this is one swimsuit that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

For more his and her matching options, check out our couples swimwear section.

There you have it! Looking for more boardshorts or swimsuits?

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