Best Matching Swimsuits for Couples


couple swimwear

The only thing more IG worthy than a cute swimsuit, are matching couples swimsuits.

That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the 3 hottest beach and pool outfits for couples this year.


Best Couple Swimwear #1: Penguin Swim Trunks

Penguins like it cold, but you’re gonna be looking HOT in these matching penguin swim trunks.

Nothing says summertime style like a pair of trunks showcasing a cartoon penguin getting some massive air off a ski jump.

What’s even better? Your boo’s gonna be look tight AF too.

Matching penguin couple swimwear

Pick up a pair today, your IG will thank me later.

Best Couple Swimwear #2: Tankini Style

So you don’t like penguins?? You monster.

Don’t fret, there’s patterned couple swimsuits that look as good as they feel.

Introducing Tankini style swimwear:

 Tankini style couple swimwear

These matching outfits come with two parts, trunks for men, and the matching dress and bottoms for females. 

Tankini style matching couple swimwear

 That way if you want to take off the dress to hit some waves, you don’t need to be matching all day. (Give me space, amirite??).

Best Couple Swimwear #3: Red Camo Trunks

Nothing says “blend into your surroundings” like a pair of red camo shorts.

These matching trunks are great for the beach, the street, the pool, or hiding your thighs in a red forest.

Camo couple swimwear

Matched great with a black shirt, these matching couples swim trunks are a must have for the beach this year.