How We Select Our Featured Trunks

At Island Trunks, we're serious about two things:

  1. Creating a company that protects our oceans.
  2. Featuring trunks that WE think look good, last long, and feel great!

We are always on the lookout out for new styles, comfortable fabrics, classic looks and trunks that we simply love and feel confident supporting. This isn't an industry review, or a market report... this is straight up our opinion!

  • What qualifications do we have? - None
  • Do we have a good sense of style? - Probably not
  • Are we fiber scientists looking for a breakthrough in apparel technology? - ummmm sure...
  • Do we love good trunks and are committed to making them easy for you to access? - YES

Checkout our Trunks and lookout for our features!